Tuesday, January 31, 2012

9 things to do while on couch-rest

My birth story ends with significant damage to my body and a minimum two-week couch-rest. As I allow the wounds to heal and scar tissue to form, I battle couch-restlessness in a variety of ways. For any future times like these, I document.

1. Read a book. Currently I am reading Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. A slow start, but I am told to keep on reading.

2. Write thank you cards. At this point I must focus on baby related thanks but as a friend reminded me, there is always someone to give thanks.

3. Listen to music. My husband's on and off obsession with David Bazan used to drive me crazy. Until I really listened and heard the soul behind his music and lyrics.
Check out his newest album, "Strange Negotiations".

4. Write letters to friends. I am notoriously bad at this and yet have so so many wonderful people in my life living in far away places. With open, endless time I have rededicated myself to these important relationships.

5. Watch Eden sleep. But I would do this even if I had all the world's mobility

6. Make Lists. On of life's greatest joys. As of now I am writing several lists, including:
craft projects
cleaning projects
30 things to do in my 30th year
Books to read

7. Crochet. Or knit, but among the unfinished projects due to an early arrive, I have a purple bunny that needs some button eyes and felt padded feet. Check out this pattern from my favorite crochet book "Essential Crochet".

8. Write. I ordered a Nikki McClure journal online (couch-rest shopping) to start a journal for Eden beginning with my birth story, 18 hours I hope never to forget, as well as reflecting on these days after the experience while my emotions run free and wild.

9. Post blogs about couch-rest. Days are long.


  1. I absolutely love your list--and that you are making such lists during your couch-rest! The new design is great as well.

  2. i heart this post. fav on the list - watching Eden sleep! can i book club with you once together in our 30th year?

  3. That sounds pretty lovely. Maybe I should bring my crochet hook and a book and come have a couch- rest party with you. And that way I could watch Eden sleep too.