Tuesday, January 31, 2012

9 things to do while on couch-rest

My birth story ends with significant damage to my body and a minimum two-week couch-rest. As I allow the wounds to heal and scar tissue to form, I battle couch-restlessness in a variety of ways. For any future times like these, I document.

1. Read a book. Currently I am reading Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. A slow start, but I am told to keep on reading.

2. Write thank you cards. At this point I must focus on baby related thanks but as a friend reminded me, there is always someone to give thanks.

3. Listen to music. My husband's on and off obsession with David Bazan used to drive me crazy. Until I really listened and heard the soul behind his music and lyrics.
Check out his newest album, "Strange Negotiations".

4. Write letters to friends. I am notoriously bad at this and yet have so so many wonderful people in my life living in far away places. With open, endless time I have rededicated myself to these important relationships.

5. Watch Eden sleep. But I would do this even if I had all the world's mobility

6. Make Lists. On of life's greatest joys. As of now I am writing several lists, including:
craft projects
cleaning projects
30 things to do in my 30th year
Books to read

7. Crochet. Or knit, but among the unfinished projects due to an early arrive, I have a purple bunny that needs some button eyes and felt padded feet. Check out this pattern from my favorite crochet book "Essential Crochet".

8. Write. I ordered a Nikki McClure journal online (couch-rest shopping) to start a journal for Eden beginning with my birth story, 18 hours I hope never to forget, as well as reflecting on these days after the experience while my emotions run free and wild.

9. Post blogs about couch-rest. Days are long.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Knitting and crocheting

I attempted my first sweater several years ago for my friend Eva's first baby girl. Since then I have crocheted three more following this pattern found here on Drops Design:

When I decided to make one for my own daughter I translated the pattern into knit. I prefer the look of knit and had limited yarn to work with (knitting always uses much less yarn than crocheting) so by following the measurements from the pattern, I was able to create this sweater.

I finished the edges with several rows of crochet around the sleeves, bottom and inside flaps and completed the look by attaching varying sizes of crocheted circles.

Now I just have to wait until Eden fits.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Six generations

It's quite shocking how unsentimental I am most of the time. So when I inherit something of significance, something I find significant, I know it's a very special gift. My mom recently passed this quilt on to Eden. The quilt had been sitting in a closet for about forty years at my grandmother's house, ripped and unraveled.

As a gift to Eden, my mom restored the damage, strengthening the binding and adding to the generations of women who have had their hands in this piece of history.

It was my great great grandmother who started this process. And now passed on through six generations of women, Eden becomes the next keeper. I hope she learns to recognize this quilt as a symbol of the value and honor of being part of this long line of strong women.

Placenta - the healing organ

I had never heard of placenta encapsulation until my neighbor friend mentioned her experience. At first I was a little uncomfortable with the thought of taking my own placenta, dehydrated, ground up and encapsulated in pills. But as she talked about the healing experiences as she recovered physically, emotionally, and mentally from pregnancy and labor I decided there was no harm in trying. Every other mother of all other species knows the importance of eating their placenta and replenishing the nourishment and hormonal losses of delivery.

I was connected with a doula and placenta specialist through Mother Tree and in two short sessions she had turned my placenta into pills, salve, tincture, tea, and even a print which I have labeled "The Tree of Life".

And I believe that in only these last couple of days I have already felt the healing power of this organ that sustained life and growth for my daughter over the past nine months.

Eden Mae

Last week my daughter Eden joined our little family. Early but ready to embrace the world she entered, forever changing me. Her birth opened up a well of maternal and paternal resources in me that fills me up, quenches any doubt, pours out patience and floods me with calming perspective and wisdom. She brought me into awareness of this part of me that lay dormant waiting and ready.

I am ready to explore the world with her.
I am ready to learn from her.
I am ready to teach her.
I am ready.