Tuesday, March 20, 2012

9 hopes for my 30s

If I've learned anything from my twenties it is that life is unpredictable. But it doesn't hurt to have dreams, right?

1. Have a second child. It is a bit crazy that I'm already thinking about this, but I do want one more chance to grow and birth a child.

2. International travel. With Jason's job we will have several opportunities for travel in Africa. I also plan on traveling around the U.K. this decade as it is where most my roots begin.

3. Publish my cookbook. I am hoping that a decade is long enough to teach me enough discipline so that I can translate my love for food and photography into a tangible collection.

4. Write a memoir. My story of the last 15 months is one I will never to forget. I was changed so dramatically in the most unexpected and unplanned ways. For nothing other than a written record, I must find the time to put it down in words.

5. Read my classics list. At one book a year, I will be finished
with a year to spare.

6. Piano lessons. For years I have played around on the piano, refining the few songs I know and for years I have wished I was better.

7. U.S. road trip. I dream that someday Jason and I will take Swede and Eden across the country, visiting our friends along the way as we explore this expansive and eclectic country.

8. Play poker in Vegas. I have never been to Vegas and although I would be horrified in many different ways, there would be a part of me that just might love it.

9. Learn the art of gardening. After two unsuccessful years, I think the time has come to read some books and change my technique.

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