Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Where to eat - Grand Rapids

After eating out for a week in one of my favorite places, Grand Rapids, Michigan, I decided to start a new component to this blog: Where to eat? Over the next several months I will be traveling with Jason to some of the United State's coolest cities and look most forward to the food I will eat. So for my personal reference (and yours) I am compiling a vegan eatery guide.

Grand Rapids, Michigan
1. Marie Catrib's,1001 Lake Drive, Grand Rapids, MI 49506, Center of the Universe.

Marie Catrib's is one of West Michigan's true beauties. The thriving business is run on principals of sustainability through environmental conservation and the supporting of local farmer.. They emphasis community within Grand Rapids and within the restaurant itself. And it is the cleanest place you'll ever eat. I know, I used to work there. And on top of all that, the food is delicious and award winning. Try the Sweet Potato Quinoa Burger, ranked by Peta one of the top vegan sandwiches of the year!

While Marie Catrib's caters to all of diets, there is a wide selection of vegan entrees, all clearly marked on the menu, as well as many options that can be veganized. Ask your server, they will always have tons of suggestions. Stop in for breakfast and try the KT Breakfast Special: a tofu/veggie scramble spiced perfectly with ginger and garlic, her almost world famous potatoes with her secret seasoning, and a choice from a variety of  fresh daily-made in house bread.

Don't leave without trying one of Marie's fantastic gluten free and vegan cakes or cookies.

 2. Bartertown Diner, 6 Jefferson Street, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

This (mostly) vegan diner was opened since I've left Grand Rapids. But last week I was introduced and swept off my feet. Bartertown Diner is a worker owned and operated business that relies heavily on local produce, changing their menu when the season requires.  They have impressive environmentally sustainable practices. Check out this video. and you will be amazed to discover the restaurant is is virtually waste-free. And did I mention their food is awesome?

Bartertown Diner is mostly vegan with many raw options, Try the pizza of the day, always changing, always vegan, and always worth it.

I also tried the Parsnip Ribwich with baked beans and was very pleased. But you cannot leave without dessert. Roc's cupcakes look delicious and have great reviews. I will have to go back to try each and every one.

But I was so taken with the raw chocolate "cheese"cake at lunch that I had to get it again at dinner. I am extremely picky about desserts and unfairly skeptical about raw food, and I was (almost) licking my plate.

3. Little Africa Ethiopian Restaurant, 956 Fulton St. Grand Rapids, MI 49503

I have traveled the United States for an Ethiopian restaurant equal to Little Africa's and I have yet to find one that comes even a little close. Check out the reviews. I am not alone in my love for this place. After two nights in a row of this fresh, flavorful cuisine I started questioning why I ever moved away from this restaurant. Eat here every chance you get! Order the sampler platter and enjoy the wide variety of flavors and textures.

Plus you have to eat with your hands. Does it get any better than that? Enjoy the meal with  spiced tea or mango juice. You may find it hard to leave this place behind.

Where else should one eat when visiting Grand Rapids?

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