Sunday, February 5, 2012

due date

Today was Eden's due date. Right now I am holding her in my arms rather than my uterus and I have a hard time imagining life before her.

The first ten days were quite emotional as I worried about time going too fast and counting the months between now and college. I felt nostalgic for the passing moments and sometimes wished I could shove her back in because she was already becoming too independent.

I'm finding my way out of the emotional postpardum maze. Two hundred and sixteen months is quite a long time. I'm learning to live with the moment rather than missing the moment before. And I accept now that in the instant Eden entered the world, that instant I met her and fell madly in love, began my incredible gift and responsibility of teaching my child independence.


  1. sometimes i look at this picture and it makes my heart hurt. i can totally understand how you feel like you're running out of time already.

    she is so lucky to have you.