Sunday, March 4, 2012

9 entrepreneurial ventures

While raising Eden has so far been very fulfilling, I have found my mind actively awakened to developing dreams and goals for future work. In any future endeavor I aim for creativity, ownership, and flexibility.

1. Bed and Breakfast. The day I can buy some property in the Columbia River Gorge or Willamette Valley will begin my bed and breakfast business. Book a stay...I'm thinking around 203o.

2. Cake Decorator. After many years of decorating cakes for other people's businesses, I think I would enjoy venturing out on my own.

3. Candy Maker. Every year around the holidays I make an assortment of vegan truffles and every year I think I ought to try and market them.

4. Cookbook Writer. There is a half written cookbook on my computer I have been talking about for years. Time to make something happen.

5. Crafter. I've thought about opening up an Etsy account or contacting local boutiques but really I think my crafting is primarily for gift-giving.

6. Doula. Ever since my birth experience I've been very fascinated with finding work around childbirth. Doulas have many options from prenatal care and attending births to teaching classes to placenta encapsulation.

7. Writer. I'm not sure if I have a story worth telling, but I will keep asking that question and hopefully one day I will discover the story and share it through writing.

8. At-home day care. I can't quite believe I would suggest this but this pursuit would allow me to stay with Eden while surrounding her with other children. Like two other children, at most.

9. Newborn photographer. Most people don't know that I have a photography degree because I usually think it's too worthless to mention. There is nothing like a new baby, however, to get me re-fired up about photography.


  1. hooray for all these ventures!

  2. Creativity, ownership, and flexibility. Yes, I'm seeking that myself in the next chapter. I'll book a stay, buy some of your chocolates, eagerly await your first book, will offer Fern Creek as a field trip site for your at-home child care, I've loved being the recipient of some of your handcrafted gifts (the afghan especially)... and your photos are truly lovely! So--hold those dreams, enjoy Eden, and see what comes...