Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a gift for me

In the rare moments when both hands are free I have created
a little space for creativity. Among my different crafting boards on Pinterest,
I pulled up this 'someday' project:

I would place the pattern on an intermediate skill level.
The project is fast, versatile, and for five dollars you can buy the pattern here.

I currently have a goal to finish all my yarn before buying anything new,
so I am crocheting with Rowan Cotton Glace, 4 ply.

The whole cowl/scarf can be done with two skeins of this yarn.

Uninterrupted this project could be done during a two night "Breaking Bad" marathon or one rainy day. With infant child, it takes longer. I still have a few rows to crochet before I put on the finishing touches. At this point I feel pretty good about my gift to myself.

I am only one more Blazers loss away from completion.


  1. So cute!!! Can this be my 2012 Christmas gift? :)

  2. sunia here. love it! can't wait to see the final product. how do i get on that christmas list? ;-)