Thursday, February 2, 2012

crafting in the nursery - part 2

From a previous curtain fiasco I found myself with two yards of fantastic fabric from Bolt on Alberta street ( Trying to figure out how to put it to the nearly unusable fabric to use I began googling nursery room projects leading me to this image from spool ( The tutorial is amazing. It includes a downloadable bird pattern and a demonstration for assembly.

I realize now that this image is all over the web as many people have created similar bird mobiles for their nurserys, craft rooms, general pleasure. People are quite obsessed with birds these days, and despite last years Portlandia's sketch "Put a Bird on it" I shamelessly admit that I am one of them.

Following the pattern, I put together nine birds out of my salvaged fabric. I started off by sewing them on the machine, but found it too difficult to maneuver because of the small size and sharp curves. I moved on to handsewing and despite the work, found it a very enjoyable activity during my then very limited mobility. They look a little more ragged than those on spool's website, but I've been recently encouraged to embrace the handmade, ragged, and imperfect look of so many of my projects.

Of course this is one of my many unfinished projects that I was hoping to complete in the two weeks of pre-baby maternity leave, but my babe had other plans and arrived early so she will be getting her finished mobile late.

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  1. i really like how all the birds are eating out of the same pile. hungry birds!